Oliveira’s annual Jog-a-thon allows students the opportunity to raise money for our school, all while running to stay in shape. Every student gets a sponsorship form that they will use to recruit sponsors for individual laps run, or for a flat donation. As students get more and more donations they receive fun prizes for reaching certain levels.

Cook’s Night Out

We all need a night away from cooking and why not enjoy it at some of Fremont’s Best Restaurant with other Families from the Oliveira Community. The Oliveira PTA arranges for a local restaurant to host our community. Bring the flier to the restaurant and part of your check will go back to the PTA.


This is Oliveira PTA’s spring fundraiser that challenges our students’ mental endurance with a fun mathematics competition. Each math test is tailored to the student’s grade level so it allows them to see how far they have come in the past year! Like the Oliveira-thon, student’s will be challenged to earn sponsorships and have the opportunity to earn prizes along the way.

To learn more about all of PTA’s fundraising opportunities or to get involved simply sign up for PTA at the beginning of the school year, and attend our members’ meetings! We look forward to working with every family in the Oliveira Community to make our school the premier learning destination for our students!