Oliveira PTA Membership Drive


Help Us Reach Our Goal of 250 members

Five Week Challenge

From 2/22/2022 through 3/31/2022

Win a Donut Party for Your Child’s Class

and a Target Gift Card for their teacher

Every Friday of the challenge, we’ll provide weekly progress updates outside your child’s classroom

The prize will be awarded the week of 4/4/2022

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Please consider joining PTA – we’re promoting a fun competition between the teachers to see whose class can get the most PTA members from their students’ families*. Supporting PTA doesn’t mean you have to volunteer or come to meetings, but your financial support allows us to get the work done around campus that we hope to do each year, knowing that we’re representing our diverse community. Joining costs $10, we keep $4.75 at Oliveira PTA and send $5.25 to State PTA to help support our statewide and national efforts as well.

The $4.75 that we keep at Oliveira, plus all generous extra donations, allows us to have fun programs for your students and our community such as the Reflections Art Program, Movie Nights, Yearbook and give back money for school improvements and others.

Teacher participation is optional - if your child’s class is participating, you will receive an envelope with this flier. Please enclose your much appreciated payment and donations in the envelope provided and return to your child teacher or pay online:

Join Totem:

Oliveira PTA Store:

In order to qualify, we must have the minimum contact information on the envelope or online

* If your child’s classroom decides to participate in this contest, you must have one membership per student per classroom. If you have more than one student, each student needs to sign up a membership in order for each class to get credit. The classroom with the highest participation above the 75% minimum will be the winner (s)

Parents/ students who are already current members will count towards their child’s classroom.

If you have any questions or need to discuss a sponsorship,

please reach out to Leslie Keirns, Treasurer, at