Please help us add pictures to the yearbook.

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We need photographers, people who want to take lots of pictures at school, and people who have experience using desktop publishing applications. Most modern smartphones of 8 megapixels or larger take incredibly detailed and beautiful pictures suitable for use in the yearbook.

The yearbook will document the lives of over 900 students and over 30 classrooms. Over the course of the year we will need about:

  • Portrait-style pictures of new students who join during the year

  • Pictures of each grade at school for all grades

  • Pictures of faculty and staff

  • A couple of dozen pictures of kids for the Halloween Parade, Red Ribbon Week, Oliveirathon, and the Fall Festival

  • Pictures of kids on field trips, in band and glee, and playing hockey after school

  • Pictures of kids enjoying the dance, reading night, and family fun nights

Please contact our Yearbook Coordinator if you can help!


Everyone can help! We also need volunteers who can help in non-photographic or layout roles:

  • Collect yearbook orders

  • Assist with data entry and process the orders

  • Make copies and stuff Tuesday Blue Folders

  • Create and affix labels to all the yearbooks

  • Distribute yearbooks to classrooms at the end of the year


All volunteers can ensure their own children show up in the yearbook, but we also need pictures of your children’s friends, too. Your children’s memories also include the shared moments with their friends and peers.

  • Images must have a minimum of 5 megapixels

  • Photos must be vivid (not washed out or too light)

  • Photos must be clear/sharp

  • Street portrait, candid, and action shots are preferred

Please upload your photos for inclusion in the yearbook here.

Questions, please email